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How I fell into mushing
Gabe- Owner and Guide
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I grew up in Valdez Alaska where the wilderness was literally out our front and back door.  My parents let me adopt a little pound dog named Sassy who thought it was as much fun as I did to pull me around the neighborhood on a little kid sled.  Sassy was never a true sled dog but I had watched too many movies and read too many Jack London stories to think any different. 

After a short dogless stint in college I found Tulip.  She was this skinny, shy, young, little thing with great big brown eyes that were looking for a new home.  I knew she would become my companion from the moment we met.  I adopted her and tried to show her the etiquette of an inside dog.  She had other plans and taught me a crash course in the life of a sled dog.  

Today, I have 30 distant relatives to Tulip who I call my adventure buddies.  They are all amazing athletes who still teach me how to crash though lifes courses with the proper sled dog etiquettes. 

Welcome to the Evermore Adventures Website!  I've been mushing dogs since 2000.  I started in Valdez Alaska then moved to Willow (where the start of Iditarod is) to learn more about mushing and the amazing canine athletes.  I met and worked with a lot great people, mushers, and dogs that taught me a lot.  After living in Willow for 10 years I moved to Bend Oregon where I started my own small Kennel.  I was able to compete in small races with a limited class (8-dog class) with my 7 super stars.  We traveled all over Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Washington to race.  I wanted to be able to do more long distance races and training with my team so after wrapping up my degree at OSU, I moved to Darby Montana and let my dreams grow.  While in Darby I started my sled dog tour company, raised a handful of puppies and started racing long distance again.  Currently the team and I are planning on running one of the longest races in the world, the Iditarod. 


Morgan is a musher from Enterprise Oregon.  She's currently attending Montana State University for wildlife management and ecology.  She helps train the race team, provides great tours and plans to help with all of the team preparations for Iditarod 2020.  Morgan has been mushing for 5 years and has a true passion and commitment working with sled dogs. Evermore is lucky to have her on our team!

Steven's Bio will be up soon