What kind of dogs do you run?

I run Alaskan Huskies, a mixed breed of smaller-than-expected, fast huskies. These are the descendants of the same dogs that carried Alaskan Natives and gold rush miners across the frozen north.

What do the dogs eat?

The dogs eat a mixture of raw meat and kibble.  The pups eat everything from beef to salmon to elk, with plenty of fat for their energy.

Do the dogs get to run free?

The dogs are all off-leash trained from the time they are puppies.  They love free runs with four-wheelers and snowmachines, and have been known to top out at 30 mph (50 kph)!  The pups will also free play with each other during down time.

What are the little socks on their feet?

The dogs wear booties to protect their feet from the abrasiveness of ice and to prevent snowballing in their paws.

What other gear do the dogs have?

The dogs have coats, booties, and, of course, harnesses.

What do you pack for a race?

Everything I can fit in my sled!  A sleeping bad, pad, ax, dog food, human food, a parka, human coats, dog coats, booties, headlamp, spare headlamp, batteries, electronics chargers, a GPS, massage oil, and numerous other sundries.